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Night Dive in Cabo


Night dives always show us an entirely new world. The scene changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge; even a simple dive site looks different at night. When you make a day dive, you usually scan the entire dive site looking at your surroundings. At night, you see only the dive site area lit by your light, which forces you to slow down and concentrate on that one area.

Tour Highlights
Explore a familiar dive site in a new perspective
Watch nocturnal creatures go on the hunt
See the “flowering” Orange cup corals
Enjoy a relaxing dive under the moonlight
Enjoy the Cabo bay after sunset
Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Operation: Upon request
General Description

We usually do our night dives at the area of Pelican Rock, where the darkness brings out all kinds of fascinating marine life such as Lobsters, Crabs, Sea Worms, Stingrays, and octopuses.

Your dive light will illuminate the walls, revealing a dazzling display of color that cannot be seen during the day. You may see moray eels and octopuses swimming to hunt or the parrotfish sleeping inside their protection bubble.

It is always recommended to dive into the site during the day before doing a night dive.


Good to know:

You must be a certified diver
New divers and/or divers who haven’t dived for more than two years need to dive during the day before the night dive (recommended for all divers)


“Great dive shop, awesome dives!”

i booked this scuba shop because of tripadvisor and all the rave reviews are well-deserved. I walked into the dive shop and told them I wanted to see a sea horse and swim with sea lions. I know they can’t control the critters, but by the end of the dive, I saw both!!! Eran (owner) and I joked that all you have to do is order what you want and they will show it to you. I felt safe with Stephanie (divemaster) and Sumo (Captain). I did a 3 tank of local dives on the first day. There was a couple, another solo diver, and a divemaster in training, plus myself. Small group and they really took care to make sure they chose the best dive sites to fulfill all of our requests. The second day I did the 2 tank corridor dives, about a 25 minute boat ride away. It was the same dive group as the day before minus the other solo diver. I loved the small group. They did such a good job of checking our air and maximizing our time underwater. (I believe all dives were right about an hour of bottom time except the 3rd dive on day 1 which was 43 min due to nitrogen.) They pointed out so many things that I know I would have missed on my own. We saw 2 octopus, lobsters, a sting ray, arrow crabs, and loads of fish. Pretty amazing dives! Manta was on time with everything from what time we left to what time we returned. The surface intervals were short, usually around 40-45 minutes as the dive sites were very close. They had a cooler onboard with cold water bottles. Water was 87F in late Sept. I chose to dive in my 3mm full due to possible jellyfish. No problems with jellyfish and I did not overheat. There were a few surges, but we just relaxed with them. I never had to work. They took care of my tanks, changing out my equipment. I would use them again in a heartbeat! On the second day, I realized that I hadn’t taken my camera out of the housing so I missed the land pics of Los Arcos. Sumo drove us back by there so I could a few pics of the rocks and beach even though it was a little out of the way. Manta has free lockers for equipment so they locked up my gear overnight and also after the 2nd day of dive while I walked around town. So nice that it saved me 2 trips of lugging all that gear back and forth! I had also booked a snorkel trip through Manta to the whale sharks for myself and two friends. This is an all day excursion to La Paz and a pricey little venture. Eran knew that I really wanted to do this trip but that I was a little hesitant of the time and cost. He called me the day before and told me that his previous day’s trip didn’t see any whale sharks. He also called another local operator and they hadn’t seen any whale sharks in the last 2 days. He graciously allowed me to cancel without penalty. What customer service! While I am disappointed that I did not get this amazing experience, I am so grateful that Eran and Manta was watching out for my best interest. The only possible improvement I could ever suggest is snacks onboard – especially for the 3 tank dive. Even a piece of fruit to get the saltwater out of your mouth between dives.

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