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Night Dive in Cabo


Night dives always show us an entirely new world. The scene changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge; even a simple dive site looks different at night. When you make a day dive, you usually scan the entire dive site looking at your surroundings. At night, you see only the dive site area lit by your light, which forces you to slow down and concentrate on that one area.

Tour Highlights
Explore a familiar dive site in a new perspective
Watch nocturnal creatures go on the hunt
See the “flowering” Orange cup corals
Enjoy a relaxing dive under the moonlight
Enjoy the Cabo bay after sunset
Upon request, min 2 divers for the tour
Approx. 2 hours
Certified divers that dove recently
General Description

We usually do our night dives at the area of Pelican Rock, where the darkness brings out all kinds of fascinating marine life such as Lobsters, Crabs, Sea Worms, Stingrays, and octopuses.

Your dive light will illuminate the walls, revealing a dazzling display of color that cannot be seen during the day. You may see moray eels and octopuses swimming to hunt or the parrotfish sleeping inside their protection bubble.

It is always recommended to dive into the site during the day before doing a night dive.


Good to know:

You must be a certified diver
New divers and/or divers who haven’t dived for more than two years need to dive during the day before the night dive (recommended for all divers)

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