Discover the magnificent underwater landscape as well as the hundreds of species of marine life which will make this an unforgettable diving in cabo experience. The place that Jacques Cousteau discovered and later named, ‘The Underwater Aquarium of the World…’ This dive site is a must-do in Los Cabos and an unforgettable experience.

Our 3 tank Combo will allow you to explore two different areas in only half day. This tour is ideal for those who have only one day of diving while here in Cabo San Lucas.

This special adventure is an opportunity to dive with Pelagic Fish and even Sharks that are frequent at Gordo Banks diving Sea Mount. The top of the underwater mountain lies beneath the surface, so that nothing is visible from above the water to mark its location. A decent in blue water along an anchor-line and only the top of the sea mount visible, peaking at 125ft below the surface, all make this dive a memorable experience.

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