Best Diving in Poland

The underwater secrets of Poland

Discovering the best scuba diving areas in Poland

Bordering with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Belarus, Lithuania and Kaliningrad Oblast, Poland is one of the best destinations for divers. The Baltic Sea borders the northwest area of Poland, and it extends from the Gulf of Gdańsk to the Bay of Pomerania. The Baltic Sea offers many shipwrecks for divers to explore, which make it a top choice for wreck diving enthusiasts.

Since the region has a rich war history, combined with adverse weather, the area is full with underwater legacy of warships, submarines and cruise ships. Due to the low levels of salinity and oxygen at the depth of the Baltic Sea, even old wooden wrecks are kept well preserved. This offers a fascinating sight for divers who come to visit the area.

Moving to Poland for the Diver's Life

Tourism in Poland is focused on cultural and historical travel and sightseeing, hiking through mountain trails and rural sightseeing. In addition, scuba diving is very popular and many tourists travel to Poland in order to scuba-dive in the Baltic Sea. Some people move to Poland in order to be closer to their favorite scuba-diving destination. Poland is actually great for people who enjoy outdoor activities on their holidays and free time.

Finland has the highest number of reservoirs and lakes in Europe, and Poland comes in second. It is a great advantage for scuba divers, and it provides an extra area that is available for recreational scuba diving purposes in the country. In the eastern part of the Silesian upland, you will find the Dabrowska valley, and in it, you can find Tank Pogoria. Scuba divers will see catfish, zebra mussels, perches, pikes and other species of maritime life in this area. These lakes are being used for training and fun diving by dive centers.

A bit of history

If you search for the best scuba diving in Mexico on the internet you will find out the there is an amazing resort in San Lucas where you can have all your dreams come true. Actually, in the 16th century a Spanish writer that traveled across the Baja California area, described that it is the closest thing to heaven, 500 years after – nothing has changed.

The Cabo San Lucas district is named “The end of the world” because of its location at the southern end of the peninsula. Except from the scuba diving spots, you will find out that the local food is delicious, the weather is perfect, and those are just few reasons of this area becoming very popular in the past decade.

Exploring the Wrecks

If you are planning on moving to Poland because of the diving opportunities it has to offer, you should be prepared and learn about the different available diving areas and what each and every one of them holds for you to dive and observe. Although many wrecks remain unexplored, sonar technology and recent developments in diving tech have led to more and more wrecks being discovered.

If you are moving to Poland for the diving activities it has to offer, but you are a novice diver, there are also opportunities for you. As a novice diver, you will have the chance to dive in shallower sites that range between 4-18 meters in depth. Experienced and expert divers explore wrecks in depths of 40-70 meters, which is an amazing thing to experience.

International Relocation

So you’ve finally got convinced and you are willing to relocate to Poland for the sites and activities it has to offer. When moving to Poland, you will have to first look for a good and reliable international moving company. Moving companies usually offer two main methods for shipping you belongings, by air, or by sea. Make sure you check all your options and don’t forget to pack your diving gear!


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