Cabo San Lucas - Best scuba diving in Mexico

The underwater secrets of Mexico

If the ocean calls you for a spectacular experience, you should go!

Discovering the best scuba diving areas in Mexico

There is something magical of being in the ocean, exploring the beautiful and unique underwater life and generating memories that will follow you forever. The exact moment that you look at that dept of the blue water and colorful fish, you will reach a high level of excitement and you will get an euphoria sensation that tickles your entire body.

When we think about diving throughout the ocean, we immediately imagine the most amazing locations all over the world. We think about the great barrier reef in Australia, the spectacular Barracuda point in Malaysia and the incredible nature phenomenon of the blue hole in Belize. If you live in the states and you really want to scuba dive without having to travel across the other side of the world, you can always go to your neighbor country – Mexico. Over there you will find one of the best diving locations in the world, and once in a lifetime experience.

The beauty of night dives

Night dives can be more fun-filled than diving during days. It forms for a unique and fascinating experience, as one gets to witness a lot more of creatures that shy away from the morning light. The oceans adorning Cabo are comparatively busier with the bustling of beautiful creatures laid against its picturesque seascape. Exploring the dark waters of Pacific in Cabo San Lucas at night will enable you to grasp the nocturnal life of critters like lobsters, octopuses, crabs, moray eels and parrotfishes which normally hide away in the morning. The beautiful night perspective allows you to visit creatures in their sleeping shelter, like in case of Parrotfish that rest in their protective bubble.

If that was not all, the corals and reefs have a vivid animation over the night time where you can encounter them in their pristine state with all of its glorious colors. Unobstructed by the shade of the sunlight, you can clearly perceive the depth and beauty of natural form around you. For many, this vibrancy and liveliness leave a lasting impact. 

A bit of history

If you search for the best scuba diving in Mexico on the internet you will find out the there is an amazing resort in San Lucas where you can have all your dreams come true. Actually, in the 16th century a Spanish writer that traveled across the Baja California area, described that it is the closest thing to heaven, 500 years after – nothing has changed.

The Cabo San Lucas district is named “The end of the world” because of its location at the southern end of the peninsula. Except from the scuba diving spots, you will find out that the local food is delicious, the weather is perfect, and those are just few reasons of this area becoming very popular in the past decade.

Useful information

Here are some reasons why you should pick Cabo san Lucas Mexico as your next scuba diving destination:

  • Whale watching – during the annual whale migration from Alaska to the equator come to the shores of Baja California whales mass every year. scuba diving next to the whales is dangerous, so the recommendation is to stay on the boat.
  • Cabo Pulmo – or as the famous marine biologist Jacques Cousteau called it, “the world’s aquarium”. This national park is one of the best diving sites in the area and its located north of Cabo San Lucas. The park has rich and colorful underwater world which includes tropical fish, eels, starfish, sea turtles and sharks. Alongside all this, it has shipwrecks and pristine beaches which makes everything look like a painting.
  • Scuba diving culture – there are many diving spots and shallow lagoons that are perfect for scuba diving with the entire family. The people in San Lucas are professionals when it comes to scuba diving and you can feel safe when you enter the water with your children. that will be the best time for them to learn how to scuba dive.

If you made the right choice and decided to go to the best scuba diving in Mexico, Cabo san Lucas, you will not get disappointed. Just make sure to book a hotel a few weeks ahead and enjoy every moment.

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Advantages Of Scuba Diving Mexico With Instructors

Amazing Diving Locations in Mexico

Scuba Diving has been gaining prevalence worldwide with its adventurous and life-changing nature where one gets to witness the beauty of the marine world and the myriad creatures that inhabit them. However, unlike the other recreational activities, scuba diving involves thorough learning of the actual techniques and procedures to go on about it.


From arriving with a calm mindset, learning about buoyancy to being ensured of equipping of rightly fitted gears, and unblocked breathing, there are a lot of basics to cover and practice before going on a dive. These are some of the reasons owing to which new learners are overwhelmed and are skeptical to continue further. But with the rise of reliable diving schools, one can now overcome their fear and engage in scuba diving Mexico effortlessly.

Role of Authentic Diving Schools

Where diving schools come in handy is in their approach that definitely puts learners at ease in scuba diving. PADI certified dive schools engage in coherent teaching schedule and effective programs that involve proper safety protocols, the right equipment, trained professionals and most significant of all, passion for the recreational activity. The best diving schools have an impeccable safety record followed by unparalleled customer service to correspond to their brand names. They are often well informed and aware of the dive places situated nearby. As a tourist to a location, enrolling in a dive school can help you find the best places for safe diving and other related activities.

Role of Dive Instructors

Dive instructors are highly trained professionals who can provide you with the right guidance and instruct you on making the most of the tour with their knowledge and expertise. They are equally skilled and adept at handling any untoward situations and emergency procedures. Diving can be fun-filled and risk-free when you know that somebody has got your back all the time.

Normally, the teaching involves instructions and practical demonstrations that occur among a set of students under an instructor. Working in a team forms a significant aspect of scuba diving which the learning environment readily provides. From hand gestures to exploring the varied depths, a group environment for scuba diving is established as safe and necessary.

Even when one is learning in a team, an instructor assures to work on every individual until they are comfortable with undertaking any diving or snorkeling activities. This collective environment of learning between the different learners and instructors creates an interesting environment where one can easily share their experience and help each other out. Also, being in a conversation with the instructors can put you at ease where you can ask for details about the best places in the region around.


However, when looking for a diving school, it is advisable to choose one that has a minimum number of students per instructor, as more the number, less the attention an individual gets. Also, a huge set can make certain members uncomfortable and as a whole could be unmanageable by an instructor.

Learn Scuba Diving Mexico with Manta Scuba Diving

We at Manta Scuba Diving look forward to providing you with a fun-filled and memorable vacation exploring the beauties of vast oceans and seas without anxiety or worry. Located at Cabo San Lucas, Our PADI 5 Star Dive resort is home to hardworking professionals whose work is sided keeping your best interest at heart.

Our goal and commitment are focused on offering you a professional and personalized diving experience whether you are a novice or an expert diver. We are unwavering at maintaining safety – be it concerned with equipment functioning, protection and emergency measures involving proper safety gears, rescue operations, etc. Our staffs are trained to not just avoid risks but are equipped to handle any emergency from a rescue, and first aid, to CPR with high efficiency.

Also, with our learning groups tending to be very small with only 6 certified divers or 3 non-certified divers under one guide, there is no case of overcrowding or negligence. Our staff follows the utmost professionalism and offer full attention to all your concerns and safety regards. With Manta Scuba Diving, you are in good hands where you can enjoy a delightful and engaging vacation.



Night scuba diving Cabo San Lucas

Dreaming of night diving in Cabo San Lucas ?

Well if you are all up for having a time of your life on your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to plan for a night dive.

Discovering Night diving

Diving is an exhilarating, adventurous event that definitely sends our blood pumping by unleashing some beautiful sights. Memorable as it is, there is a whole lot of things that are left undiscovered during a day dive and certainly warrants diving in the night to explore more. Diving at night opens up a different world showcasing the marine life from a different perspective. 

Cabo San Lucas is an immensely beautiful place nestled in the southernmost tip of Mexico that attracts divers from all across the world. Diving here is one of the most enthralling things you can do here. What’s even more special is the several night diving spots you find dotted across the region. So, what is the mystery behind the appeal of night scuba diving Cabo San Lucas?

The beauty of night dives

Night dives can be more fun-filled than diving during days. It forms for a unique and fascinating experience, as one gets to witness a lot more of creatures that shy away from the morning light. The oceans adorning Cabo are comparatively busier with the bustling of beautiful creatures laid against its picturesque seascape. Exploring the dark waters of Pacific in Cabo San Lucas at night will enable you to grasp the nocturnal life of critters like lobsters, octopuses, crabs, moray eels and parrotfishes which normally hide away in the morning. The beautiful night perspective allows you to visit creatures in their sleeping shelter, like in case of Parrotfish that rest in their protective bubble.

If that was not all, the corals and reefs have a vivid animation over the night time where you can encounter them in their pristine state with all of its glorious colors. Unobstructed by the shade of the sunlight, you can clearly perceive the depth and beauty of natural form around you. For many, this vibrancy and liveliness leave a lasting impact. 

Night dive at pelican rock

A prime diving location for night scuba diving at Cabo San Lucas which is also one of the most popular and picturesque dive and snorkeling sites is the Pelican’s Rock in Los Cabos. The dark perspective of the beautiful waters of Pacific makes for a spellbinding underwater experience as you progress through its varying depths. From sighting a hunting octopus or cruising stingrays, the calm and dim lit waters is a haven to a variety of activities. The flowering orange cup corals are altogether a great sight to behold with its vibrant and bright colors which shine under the moonlight. Night diving often commences after sunset where the time could be arranged according to the customer’s preference.

Things to keep in mind before night scuba diving at Cabo San Lucas

A night dive could be very different from regular day diving, and for divers, it could be a little overwhelming. However, it is quintessential that one is equipped with proper knowledge and safety basics before undertaking a dive, especially a night one which requires proper experience in day conditions.

It is important that one has to be a certified PADI open water diver. Learning diving basics like buoyancy, nitrogen absorption, healthy and unblocked breathing, safety stops, and hand gestures is significant. Before heading for a night dive, it is advisable that you take a trip to the site in the daytime to get yourself acquainted with the place.

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Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to dive with the mighty bull sharks?

Well if you are all up for having a time of your life on your next trip to Mexico, don’t forget to plan for diving with bull sharks.

When to Come?

To enjoy diving in Mexico with bull sharks, you need to plan your trip somewhere between November and March and do include Cancun and Riviera Maya on your go-to list. The reason is that bull sharks only appear off the Mexican Caribbean coastline that touches Cancun and Playa del Carmen during these months.

Bull sharks can swim as effortlessly in freshwater as these can in saltwater. When the bull shark season is in full swing, you will see public submerging into the clear, blue waters of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can also enjoy this wonderful experience you just need to consult with Manta Scuba for all types of diving trips from VIP trips to full-on diving courses.

Diving in Mexico with Bull Sharks

Why Choose Mexico?

If you want to dive with bull sharks, you must visit Mexico at the right time. Mexican Caribbean coastline serves as a breeding ground for bull sharks. Hence, these keep visiting the shallow waters at the Mexican coastline.

We at Manta Scuba Diving guarantee you that once you dive here in Mexico, you will be coming back year after year. The atmosphere, facilities and the experience all are simply superb in Mexico. Interacting with Mother Nature can never be as much fun if you haven’t tried bull shark dive. We can arrange a full-fledge trip for you to ensure diving with bull sharks and other remarkable sea creatures.

Why bull shark dive is the best?

The adrenaline, thrill and amazement that you get by diving with bull sharks is simply unmatchable. Who doesn’t want to dive alongside a shark but many shy away due to fear and apprehensions. But there is no need to feel scared as we make sure that safest diving environment is provided to you and you can expect a truly rewarding, intriguing and the best diving in Mexico. Bull sharks are friendly creatures as long as these are not disturbed. So, you will get an exciting time diving with bull sharks.

Best Time and Place to Dive?

We would suggest that you dive in the morning as morning dives are perfect time to encounter bull sharks. It is the time when these creatures play in the waters. Yucatan coast’s deep reefs are the best spot to dive especially if you are diving in the morning.

How to Dive?

Diving with bull sharks is only allowed for certified divers and not for beginners and novice divers. Our expert divers will be accompanying you on your trip.

If you are really eager to enjoy this thrilling experience, we suggest you take a diving course. We can also help you in this regard just check out our diving course options. Once you are prepared to dive with bull sharks, take our word for it that you will be relishing it for a long time.

After you become certified diver, you will get the exclusive opportunity to interact with bull sharks at approx. 75 to 79 feet. As you will be face-to-face with some of the most remarkable, huge and feared creatures you can understand the excitement level yourself.

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Mexico Scuba Diving Locations

Best place for scuba diving in Mexico
Scuba Diving is a fun water activity which is likely to be on every adventure-craving individual’s bucket list. When you watch scuba diving on TV or in real life, why do you think the divers reaching their dive boats are absolutely happy with a smile on their faces. Their expression is the biggest giveaway and can easily describe how fun and exciting this activity is.

Mexico scuba diving locations are a great pick for divers and snorkelers as they get to be amidst the immense beauty of natural water bodies. The coastline of the country touches the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, making for some breathtaking locations where you can indulge in Scuba diving.

Baja California – One of the Major Scuba Diving Locations in Mexico

The magical and enchanting Baja California in Mexico is also a dream location for those seeking water activities. Baja California has innumerable and wonderful Mexico Scuba Diving Locations that attracts the best divers from across the globe.

On the East side is the Gulf of California and on the West is the massive Pacific Ocean. Cabo San Lucas is found in the south, the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. La Paz, Cabo San Lucas, and Ensenada are the major tourist destinations in this area. Not surprisingly, the majority of tourism activities which you can find here are Scuba Diving, fishing and Whale watching.

The Isla Guadalupe is another famous volcanic island which offers a lot of water adventures. La Paz is a resort destination and is one of the best destinations for diving in the Peninsula. The most famous and jet-set location, a place worth visiting and seeing is the Cabo San Lucas.

Just a two-hour flight away, Cabo San Lucas is one of the most sought-after Mexico Scuba Diving Locations that also doubles up as a weekend getaway for the rich and famous. This is also an excellently protected marine park to Scuba dive with innumerable dive sites.

Lands End, Pelican Rock, and Neptune’s Finger, just to name a few, are some exquisite dive sites where you can enjoy and experience exquisite marine life, beautiful sun-bathed water, weathered landscapes and stunning coral reefs.

mexico scuba diving locations

Let Manta Scuba Diving Take You Through the Best Mexico Scuba Diving Locations

Located in the beautiful location of Cabo, we at Manta Scuba Diving are experts at underwater world exploration for fifteen years and are tirelessly making the dreams of countless divers true. Providing exceptional services for novices as well as professionals, it’s no surprise that we’re the number one choice for all divers in this region.

Reasons why Manta Scuba Diving is the best?
  • Our guides here are certified PADI instructors and dive masters. Our dive masters and instructors are highly experienced not only at the Sea of Cortez but also around the world.
  • To provide a better service, we dive in small groups. Each group comprises of six certified divers per guide or three non-certified divers per guide.
  • The groups are divided keeping in mind the experiences of the divers so that their diving experience can be a lot of fun as the team members can know each other in a better manner.
  • Our priority is always the safety and security of the divers. We take care of every minute detail to prevent any untoward incidents. We maintain our equipment so that they are in best condition and have all the emergency gear in place. Our staff is trained in Rescue, CPR, and First Aid.
  • We are a great and a very friendly team. We enjoy diving and also sharing our diving experiences with other divers.

Give us a call now at +52-624-1443871 and book your next diving trip with us.

Scuba Diving Mexico

This is why Mexico is the best place for scuba diving in the world

People who travel a lot are most likely to partake in adventure sports; and if we’re talking water-based sports, then Scuba Diving ranks quite high up there along with windsurfing and paddle boarding. Compared to other water sports, Scuba diving has a charm of its own. For many, this is probably on top of their top to-do list when on an exotic vacation.

Scuba diving, unlike other activities, transports the diver to another world entirely– the world of the underwater habitat, where they get to interact with the beautiful and mysterious marine world. Oceanic coastlines form the most idyllic places to scuba dive, and there’s no surprise then that Mexico favors divers from all parts of the world. The Gulf of Mexico basin is an enchanting place to go diving and exploring owing to its crystal clear blue waters and the mesmerizing water habitat. If ever want to go Scuba Diving Mexico, you would not want to miss the rest of this article.

Scuba Diving Mexico: A Haven for Divers

With captivating locales, Mexico offers you the very clear and warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and the darker and cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. At the meeting point of Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea, are the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya, which are good for both novice as well as professional scuba divers.

There are underwater caves which showcase the spectacular play of lights that you can enjoy making for some lifelong memories. Cancun is another location which is excellent for Scuba diving as there is a massive underwater museum situated here. Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico which has special categories of diving for amateurs and professionals alike. Divers here can take a delightful swim with the turtles as well as other aquatic animals. There are options for drift dives as well as deep wall dives.

scuba diving mexico

The port city Puerto Morelos offers some excellent options for Scuba Diving Mexico as well as Banco Chinchorro which is protected and secluded, showcasing the beauty of the coral reefs inside the water. Anton Lizardo is another Scuba Diving location with pristine beaches where the divers can relax.

In The Islas Marias, the water is clear and deep and cooler than the Caribbean Sea. The beautiful Baja California is a perfect place to enjoy and indulge in water sports and activities as it is surrounded by the Gulf of California and Pacific Ocean which gives it an apt setting.

Scuba Diving, Sea Fishing, and Whale watching are activities which are immensely popular here with Scuba Diving taking the lead. Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco are two popular Scuba Diving locations with scattered and beautiful coral reefs and the water is extremely clear and cold here.

Scuba Diving in Mexico: Cabo San Lucas – Manta Scuba Diving

In the Southernmost tip of Baja Peninsula lies the Cabo San Lucas which is a paradise for Scuba Diving Mexico. The Manta Scuba Diving resort found in Cabo San Lucas has been offering expert underwater exploration and professional diving services for fifteen years now!

We love our job of fulfilling people’s desires and dreams of diving underwater and experiencing the otherworldly marine life. We have been helping people scuba dive, irrespective of them being novices or professionals. Our team consists of extremely experienced instructors with PADI certifications making them great guides.

We use only the latest diving gear in all our diving sessions, including the training sessions. Those signing up can choose from a variety of certification courses, such as those for beginners and can go all the way to Divemaster Internships. You can expect to find two air compressors on site at our dive training pool, including Nitrox mixing. We make people dive in small groups so that they find it interesting and safe.

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Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners

5 best Beginners Scuba Diving spots in Mexico

Scuba Diving, as much as it shines as an adventurous and fun-filled recreational activity, could be a little overwhelming and cause of anxiety for many novice divers. The sheer depth and vastness of oceans could leave one both awestruck and a little intimidated. But México with its fair share of thrills is a haven for all kinds of divers with its destination spots that can be enjoyed by both professionals and novices. So as a beginner, there are plenty of Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners for you to choose from to experience the joy of scuba diving.

Best Vacation Spots for Scuba Diving for Beginners

1. Cancún – Cancún is one of the most definitive Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners which spells a plethora of fun and adventure activities that appeal to a vast range of tourists. The Cancún Underwater Museum (MUSA) which houses over 400 incredible life-sized sculptures is a huge crowd puller along with its distinguished marine life. Scuba diving here is very well suited for beginners where one gets to swim along with dolphins, sea turtles and other reef fish, etc. The artificial ecosystem created doubles up to not just protect the other reef systems but also nurtures Moray eels, Nurse sharks and Damselfish.

2. The Palancar Reef of Cozumel – The Palancar Reef sites, which are one of the best diving spots of Cozumel, are located to the southeast of the island. The site which is enriched with coral formations is divided into several sections in regard to depth of it. The Intricate beauty of corals and tunnel swim-through makes this one of the most exciting locations where the clear water and shallow nature of the swim are added benefits that make it a great dive site for beginners. Common sighting involves a wide variety of tropical fishes, where Nurse sharks and Eagle rays make for an occasional spotting. Suitable time for vacation would be from December to April.

3. Banco Chinchorro – Touted to be largest reef atoll in the northern hemisphere, Banco Chinchorro stretches 300 sq. miles that entertains colorful reefs, shipwrecks and drift dives. It has three islands: Cayo Norte, Cayo Centro, and Cayo Lobos. The Aquariums situated on the west side of the atoll are great vacation spots that display the beauty of black coral, barrel sponges and brain coral. The shallow dive makes it an easy beginner choice and the spotting of groupers, eagle rays, snapper, lobsters, and turtles doesn’t hurt either. Suitable time for vacation would be from May to November.

scuba diving vacations for beginners

4. Riviera Maya – Remarked as another gem of a Scuba Diving Vacations for Beginners, Riviera Maya is a coastline sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and Yucatan peninsula. The warm water and great visibility of the dive entertain both beginners and experts. The Riviera Maya allows one to experience scuba diving, cenotes and cave dives, snorkeling, zip-lining, jet skiing etc.

5. Cabo San Lucas – Cabo San Lucas is well-known for its wonderful beaches, nightlife, resort corridors and scuba diving sites.
Apart from these majorly visited locations, there are several other destinations which are best for scuba diving vacations for beginners. Mexico is a home to some of the most amazing diving sites. Get the best scuba diving in cabo experience and a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

We, at Manta Scuba diving, are experts at underwater exploration, who can guide you at having the most fun-filled and adventurous vacation. Having 15 years of experience in the bespoke activity, we are a PADI 5-star dive resort in Cabo San Lucas. Our guides are certified PADI instructors and Divemasters that embody a deep concern and consideration for your welfare and preferences.

So, you do not have to distress if you are a novice in scuba diving; our dive masters are absolute professionals who handle only small groups to offer you utmost attention and ease of interaction.

Our main priority is safety and we are steadfast at covering it from all angles, from equipment functioning, boat safety measures and emergency routines, etc. Our staffs are prepared to handle any emergency situations and rescue measures.

Pick up your phone and dial +52-624-1443871 to have a delightful experience exploring the adrenaline rush of scuba diving and a safe one too.

Scuba Diving Vacations

All you need to know about scuba diving vacations
Well known as a captivating tourist haven, Mexico has grown in recent years to be renowned as one of the world-class Scuba Diving Vacations destination. Bound by the whims of the Pacific coast at one end with exotic islands and wrecks, it encircles the Caribbean Sea at the other end. With the riches of picturesque island locations, sandy beaches, mystique caves, cenotes and sightings of marine life, Mexico caters to a mass of scuba divers from all over the globe.

Best scuba diving vacation at the Pacific coast

Here are some destination spots in the Pacific coast that you could vacation at, for scuba diving:

  • The Socorro (Revillagigedos) is comprised of an island group situated at some 250 miles (400 km) from Cabo San Lucas. These islands are known for its Manta rays, Humpback whales and Hammerhead sharks, making this destination a dream come true for pelagic divers.

Acapulco has an allure of its own with its cold water posing a varied challenge to scuba divers. The underwater shrine, drifts and wrecks distinguish this from the other diving spots.

Puerto Vallarta The crystal-clear water and scattered reef system that habitats the blue whale makes Puerto Vallarta, a popular tourist spot attracting the likes of expert divers.

The Marietas Islands and Socorro Islands may suit for more advanced divers whereas the protected sites in Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo appeal to beginners.

  • Guadalupe, a volcanic island situated at 385 miles (240 km) west of Baja California is home to an abundant number of Great White sharks. The Discovery bay is one of the well-known Scuba Diving Vacations that has cage diving; accommodating the needs of professional and beginner divers alike.
  •  The Gulf of California ,which is a water stretch sandwiched between Baja California and Mexican mainland, is enriched with a diverse ecosystem of marine riches- Hammerhead sharks, Sea lions and Gray whales, etc.
scuba diving vacations

Best Seasons for Scuba Diving Vacations

  • Between November and May marks the peak time for Socorro’s island with water temperature ranging from 82 to 70-degree F.
  • For the Guadalupe Island, a suitable time for vacation would be from August to October with water temperature ranging around 66-72-degree F.
  • For the Gulf of California, a suitable time would be from August to November. September and October are the best months for spotting Hammerhead sharks.

Best Scuba Diving Vacations packages Experience with Manta Scuba diving

We at Manta Scuba diving, located at Cabo San Lucas are experts at underwater exploration for a solid fifteen years. Our guides are all certified PADI instructors and Dive masters who can guide you in having memorable and delightful Scuba Diving Vacations.

We operate 3 world-class custom-made dive boats on all our trips. Our dive gear is regularly inspected by Trace Analytics in Texas, USA, ensuring the highest standards of operation and maintenance. Our facility houses a dedicated dive training room with showers, pool and changing rooms.

We cater to the highest of safety standards, whether it is equipment functioning, protection and rescue operations, all our staffs competent to handle emergency situations with utmost efficiency. In addition we also provide the best scuba diving vacation packages.
With Manta scuba diving, you are at good hands where you can enjoy a fun-filled and engaging vacation exploring the beauties of vast oceans and seas without anxiety or worry.

best scuba diving vacation packages

To book your slot, give us a call at +52-624-1443871 now!

Best Diving in Mexico

9 best diving sites in Mexico

Scuba diving brings about a varied blend of emotions; a mix of fun and wonder, a sense of thrill and marvel, making it one of the most exhilarating recreational activities that is filled with adventure. The feeling one encounters when trying to cope with the expanse of the underwater world and observing the habitat at close range sure gets one’s blood pumping. We may be at a loss of words to describe the actual experience and exhilaration one feels but we can sure list some of the exotic locations within Mexico that can offer you some of the best diving in Mexico.

Best Locations for Scuba Diving in México

Mexico as a country, sports vivid diving locations as its blessed with various ecosystems from immaculate reefs, freshwater caves diving, cleaning stations to shark encounters, haloclines zone etc. These are enough to cater to the varied wish lists of recreational as well as professional scuba divers. Read on to discover locales that offer the best diving in Mexico.

1. Discovery Bay, Isla Guadalupe

which is situated 150 miles off the Baja Peninsula, is the best place for spotting great white sharks. Discovery Bay offers for diving experiences that cater to both novices who lack diving experience and professionals. The breathtaking view of witnessing a Great White Shark makes this spot a hot tourist attraction and one of the well-known diving locations of México.

2. Los Islotes

which is home to hundreds of sea lions, is a go-to go destination for snorkelers and scuba divers, where one might also on occasion, sight a Humpback or Grey Whale.

3. San Benedicto, Revillagigedo Islands

which was recently announced as a UNESCO world heritage site, is renowned for its sightings of Humpback Whales, Hammerheads and Giant Oceanic Manta Rays. The clear water conditions and phenomenal marine life adds to its allure making it a diver’s haven.

4. Manchones reef in Cancun

which features a large number of underwater installations, offers for a stark contrast between manmade and natural creation that have seamlessly blended to create one of the most picturesque coral growths of all time.

5. Gordo Banks, in Los Cabos

is another enthralling diving location in México that offers for a perfect view of witnessing a plethora of wildlife that is drawn to the high current at the end of Baja peninsula. You may come across Mobula Rays, Mackerels, Snapper Eagle Rays and Cownose Rays, etc.

6. Banco Chinchorro

One can have the best diving experiences in the remotest locations of Mexico such as Banco Chinchorro. Banco Chinchorro is located off Costa Maya’s coast. It is an incredible coral atoll that is not located very far from the border of Mexico and Belize. It ranks second in the preferences of skilled divers and requires special permissions from the Federal Government of Mexico in order to be visited. The beauty of this place can get quite overwhelming for the divers.

7. The Grand Cenote Island

As the name suggests, this underground water reservoir is one of the most popular destinations for best diving in Mexico. The Grand Cenote Island falls on the way to the Mayan Ruins located in Cuba. This place is an equal fit for beginners as well as seasoned divers. However, the access to this isn’t easy either. The Cenote is crescent-shaped and underneath the lily pads, one will be able to discover a majestic underwater ballroom. It further leads to the never-ending chain of caves, chambers and passageways.

8. The Guadalupe Island

Located 380 miles towards the west of Baja California Peninsula, the Guadalupe is a volcanic island. Famous for cage diving, the Guadalupe Island homes the nature’s apex predator recognized as the Great White Shark. These gigantic elasmobranch fish can be encountered during the months of August until October.

9. Dos Ojos

This is a cavern dive site which is the most famous and frequently visited by divers.  Dos Ojos literally translates to “two-eyes” in the English language. The name denotes the two adjoining Cenotes that merge into a huge cavern zone.

Best Diving in Mexico

Best Scuba Diving in Mexico at Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, rated one of the top 5 tourist destinations of Mexico, is enriched with a wide range of beaches, scuba diving locations and is home to a myriad of marine wildlife including rays, birds, sharks and striped marlin.

We, at Manta Scuba Diving can provide you with an unforgettable and fun-filled diving experience the next time you’re here at Cabo San Lucas. Our goal embodies concern and commitment in rendering you a professional and personalized experience whether you are a novice, intermediate, or expert diver. Our PADI 5 Star Dive resort in Cabo San Lucas hosts the best gear, boats, and more importantly a set of hardworking professionals whose work is sided keeping your best interest at heart.

We offer for some very invigorating attributes-

  • We divide groups based on the experience of the dive masters to ensure a thorough and efficient tour where you are at ease to interact with the instructor and dive master
  • There is no case of overcrowding or negligence as our groups tend to be very small with only 6 certified divers or 3 non-certified divers under one guide
  • We are steadfast at maintaining safety, be it concerned with equipment functioning, protection and emergency measures involving proper safety gears and rescue operations
  • Our staffs are trained to not just avoid risks but also equipped to handle any untoward emergencies from rescue, first aid to CPR with high efficiency

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