Cabo Private Boat Charters


Manta offers the most exclusive and prestigious diving and snorkeling in Cabo private boat charters.
MANTA SCUBA DIVING is a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort in Cabo San Lucas with top of the line equipment and professional crew.

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Cabo Private Boat Charters
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General Description

Diving In Cabo Private Boat Charters


Manta owns and operates 3 certified custom made dive boats; this allows us to tailor a private trip to your needs. The private tour offers more flexibility in choosing and combining activities, as well as flexible departure and return times. Our private tour allows you to have personal attendance from our dive guides for both diving and snorkeling activities.

Options for private trips such as ‘Captain for the Day’ are great solutions for families, groups, dive clubs, Yachts and Mega Yachts. We also offer private guides for those who don’t want a private tour but prefer to have a dedicated private guide.
All our Cabo private boat charters and tours are available as a private trip.

Our Boats
Cabo Private Boat Charters Mantita

Our coziest boat is the 26ft MANTITA

Length: 26ft
Cabo Private Boat Charters Manta Scuba
Manta Scuba

The Manta Scuba is our newest boat !!! beautiful dive vessel with a classic style design.

Length: 33ft
Cabo Private Boat Charters Super Manta
Super Manta

A new 38 foot Bertram Dive Yacht,

Length: 38ft Bertram

“Fantastic Operation All Around!”

Tremendous dive shop! Great communication, organization, equipment and crew. The team was very nice and did an awesome job of focusing on safety (checking equipment, pre-briefing, engaged dive master, discussing comfort levels, etc.). They also went out of their way to make sure we had a ton of fun by trying to find a great spot to dive with sea lions and point out other unique sites. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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A private yacht provides for a delightful and unique experience that is different from a cruise vacation as private yachts tend to be customized to your preferences and desires. You do not have the hassle of being crowded or having to queue up for a view or access to an event. With the crew personally attending to you and your family or friends, you are best guaranteed to have a delightful vacation.

Private yachts offer a plethora of activities that are to the delight of the charters. You can now enjoy the benefit of traveling to different locations all the while enjoying the splendid sight of the vast oceans. While moving around in town may require you to stay up in lodgings and subject you to traffic woes, a private yacht could be your perfect solution that allows you to see several locations on a single trip.

Private yachts also include a lot of other activities like snorkeling, wakeboarding, Scuba diving, jet skiing, and other ashore activities that your crew can arrange for you. Normally there is a charter preference form that allows the crew to learn your preferences and needs to arrange the trip tailored to you.  This may normally cover some specific issues in case you have any allergies, dislikes, etc.

The crew takes care to ensure you have a fun-filled vacation and also shares advice on how to get the maximum out of the trip along suggesting you some of the best scenic locations. With the crew helping you out, you are guaranteed to have the most of your vacation enjoying scenic beaches and engaging in delightful out-door activities with Cabo private boat charters.

Manta Scuba Diving – Top-Quality Private Boat Charters at Cabo San Lucas

We at Manta Scuba diving, are a PADI 5-star dive resort in Cabo San Lucas and have 15 years of experience in the said field. Our guides are hardworking certified PADI instructors and Divemasters who are committed to guiding you at having a fun-filled and adventurous vacation. We also provide private yachts and trips around the region for customized diving sessions at the behest of our clients.

Diving in Private Boat Charters

Manta owns and operates three certified custom-made dive boats offering one of the most exclusive and prestigious diving and snorkeling trips around the Cabo San Lucas region. The Cabo private boat charters we offer are tailored to accommodate your needs and allow you to have a wonderful trip touring the Pacific coast. Another added advantage of the private tour is that its flexible planning hours makes it easy for you to not only choose the departure and return times but you can also indicate the activities like diving and snorkeling activities that you intend to take and combine them.

Selections for private trips such as ‘Captain for the Day’ will be great for your families; you can also choose from dive clubs, groups, Yachts and Mega Yachts. At Manta scuba diving, we also have private guides for those who don’t intend a private tour but require a dedicated private guide.

All our Cabo private boat charters and tours are available on an ad-hoc basis, ready whenever you need. You can rest assured that safety is our top priority with all our boats equipped with protective gears and top-of-the-line diving gear and equipment, inspected by regulatory agencies such as Trace Analytics in Texas, US.

Our guides and crew are thorough professionals who are competent to handle emergency situations from first aid, and rescue, to CPR. With them offering their personal attendance, you can be ensured to enjoy a delightful and safe boat trip with Manta scuba diving.

To avail the best rates on private boat charters at Cabo, contact us at +52-624-1443871.