Best Diving in Mexico

9 best diving sites in Mexico

Scuba diving brings about a varied blend of emotions; a mix of fun and wonder, a sense of thrill and marvel, making it one of the most exhilarating recreational activities that is filled with adventure. The feeling one encounters when trying to cope with the expanse of the underwater world and observing the habitat at close range sure gets one’s blood pumping. We may be at a loss of words to describe the actual experience and exhilaration one feels but we can sure list some of the exotic locations within Mexico that can offer you some of the best diving in Mexico.

Best Locations for Scuba Diving in México

Mexico as a country, sports vivid diving locations as its blessed with various ecosystems from immaculate reefs, freshwater caves diving, cleaning stations to shark encounters, haloclines zone etc. These are enough to cater to the varied wish lists of recreational as well as professional scuba divers. Read on to discover locales that offer the best diving in Mexico.

1. Discovery Bay, Isla Guadalupe

which is situated 150 miles off the Baja Peninsula, is the best place for spotting great white sharks. Discovery Bay offers for diving experiences that cater to both novices who lack diving experience and professionals. The breathtaking view of witnessing a Great White Shark makes this spot a hot tourist attraction and one of the well-known diving locations of México.

2. Los Islotes

which is home to hundreds of sea lions, is a go-to go destination for snorkelers and scuba divers, where one might also on occasion, sight a Humpback or Grey Whale.

3. San Benedicto, Revillagigedo Islands

which was recently announced as a UNESCO world heritage site, is renowned for its sightings of Humpback Whales, Hammerheads and Giant Oceanic Manta Rays. The clear water conditions and phenomenal marine life adds to its allure making it a diver’s haven.

4. Manchones reef in Cancun

which features a large number of underwater installations, offers for a stark contrast between manmade and natural creation that have seamlessly blended to create one of the most picturesque coral growths of all time.

5. Gordo Banks, in Los Cabos

is another enthralling diving location in México that offers for a perfect view of witnessing a plethora of wildlife that is drawn to the high current at the end of Baja peninsula. You may come across Mobula Rays, Mackerels, Snapper Eagle Rays and Cownose Rays, etc.

6. Banco Chinchorro

One can have the best diving experiences in the remotest locations of Mexico such as Banco Chinchorro. Banco Chinchorro is located off Costa Maya’s coast. It is an incredible coral atoll that is not located very far from the border of Mexico and Belize. It ranks second in the preferences of skilled divers and requires special permissions from the Federal Government of Mexico in order to be visited. The beauty of this place can get quite overwhelming for the divers.

7. The Grand Cenote Island

As the name suggests, this underground water reservoir is one of the most popular destinations for best diving in Mexico. The Grand Cenote Island falls on the way to the Mayan Ruins located in Cuba. This place is an equal fit for beginners as well as seasoned divers. However, the access to this isn’t easy either. The Cenote is crescent-shaped and underneath the lily pads, one will be able to discover a majestic underwater ballroom. It further leads to the never-ending chain of caves, chambers and passageways.

8. The Guadalupe Island

Located 380 miles towards the west of Baja California Peninsula, the Guadalupe is a volcanic island. Famous for cage diving, the Guadalupe Island homes the nature’s apex predator recognized as the Great White Shark. These gigantic elasmobranch fish can be encountered during the months of August until October.

9. Dos Ojos

This is a cavern dive site which is the most famous and frequently visited by divers.  Dos Ojos literally translates to “two-eyes” in the English language. The name denotes the two adjoining Cenotes that merge into a huge cavern zone.

Best Diving in Mexico

Best Scuba Diving in Mexico at Cabo San Lucas

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