Gordo Banks

This special adventure is an opportunity to dive with Pelagic Fish and even Sharks that are frequent at Gordo Banks Sea Mount.

The top of the underwater mountain lies beneath the surface, so that nothing is visible from above the water to mark its location. A decent in blue water along an anchor-line and only the top of the sea mount visible, peaking at 125ft below the surface, all make this dive a memorable experience.

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Oct : 31st
Nov : 11th
More trips might open, please contact us.

Duration: 7 hours
Departure and operation days: May though January at 7:45am
Including; Guide, 2 Nitrox tanks, soft drinks, bottled water, lunch, weights and taxes
Dive gear rental
Nitrox 28% included
* Due to the advanced conditions in this dive site a day of local diving is required prior to the trip as well as Advanced and Nitrox Certifications
Schools of fish in Gordo Banks
Schools of fish in Gordo Banks

Tour Highlights:

  • Good chance of seeing Sharks.
  • Schools of Jacks, Bonitas and Yellowfin Tuna can be seen
  • Experience deep blue water dive
  • Free Nitrox
  • Dive in small groups with a PADI certified Divemaster or instructor

The boat ride is approximately one hour and 20 minutes each way, along the coast and out to the open sea. Upon reaching Gordo Banks, we anchor precisly so we can descend along the anchor line directly to the top of the sea mount. The descent is done in blue water, when the sea mountain is visible only when reaching a depth of 60 ft or more.


Sharks are the main attraction, but pelagic (open water)  fish like Tuna, Marlin, and Manta Rays are encountered on many dives. There are always huge schools of jacks, snappers and grunts hovering above the sea mount. The top of the sea mount is unlike any usual dive site; huge cracks, canyons, black coral, sponges and other types of sedentary life cover the pinnacle.


This tour is for divers with advanced certification. Want to improve your scuba skills to take this trip? check out the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course.


Dive Gordo Banks on Nitrox

Due to the depth (120 – 140 feet) and very limited bottom time allowed diving with air, we use NITROX at Gordo Banks. Using Nitrox extends allowable bottom time by up to 60%.

Nitrox certification is requiered, if you are not already certified to dive on NITROX please contact us and we will advice on the different options for getting Nitrox certification.
* A third dive on the Gordo Banks trip can be available on the East Cape reefs or Corridor or if the sea is calm we might visit the Japanese Wreck, Please reserve the 3rd dive in advance.


A few words about safety:

Safety is a high priority in all our dive tours, all our guides always carry Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) and dive computer, with many years of experience in Gordo Banks we will provide the best tour to this site.